Friday Fund – ETF DIV – Global X SuperDividend™ U.S. ETF

When I see the word “Dividend” in an ETF name, it sparks my interest. When I see “Super” before Dividend I ask myself: “Is it really super, or is this marketing hype?” I think it is hype. Don’t read a fund or ETF name and assume it is truthful. The yield is currently super, but that is about all.

As with DGRO, I like the top holdings in this ETF. It includes companies like Brinker International, Pfizer, Verizon and New York Mortgage Trust. The expense ratio is higher than I like at 0.45%, so the dividends better be good and growing.  They aren’t. The dividends appear to be shrinking as compared to DVY.

DIV Data Points worth knowing:

Expense Ratio                         0.45% OK, but certainly a bit high for what you get.

Assets Under Management (AUM)   418M – I think this is smaller than is wise.

ETF Category                                   Midcap Value

Net Asset Value (NAV)                    $22.49

Total Holdings                                 52 – fair diversification.

Dividend yield                                6.38% – A wonderful yield.

5-Year Returns                               5-year is 20.78% which is poor.

Ranking (DIV – Real-Time SMART Grade™) on is #10 of 23 in this class of ETFs.

The XTF.COM rating for DIV is 9.1 out of 10.0 with THREE Morningstar stars.

Comparable ETFs: I really could not find any that were a good comparison.

You can find the XTF, Morningstar and other ratings when you are signed on to a Fidelity Investments accounts. I prefer the XTF rating over Morningstar.

Recommendation: Avoid DIV unless you think the yield is good. Don’t expect much in the way of growth. This is not an investment I would recommend. I still prefer VYM, SCHD, DVY and DGRO.