From time-to-time I like to share our top ten or top 25 investments. In this installment I am also sharing the current Weiss rating. The purpose of this is five-fold:

  1. Because I try to help others invest wisely, I think it only fair to let them see how I invest.
  2. It is important to see that no single investment is more than 5% of the total investment mix.
  3. There is diversification across several sectors. I don’t concentrate our assets in just one sector.
  4. The top 25 generally fall into the “hold” (C), “buy” (B) or “strong buy” (A) categories according to Weiss’s current ratings. If the stock is rated B or better, I would generally want to buy more of this investment. A “C” investment is a hold, but I would only reinvest dividends if it made sense to do so. I am reinvesting Ford (ticker F) dividends.
  5. I like and invest in ETFs. My top ETF is VYM. However, I also invest in SCHD.


Top 25 Investments November 2018