Do you ever feel like there are just too many choices? You go to Target, and you want to buy laundry detergent. Not only are there multiple brands, but there are multiple types within each brand. What to choose? Why brand ‘x’ over brand ‘y’?

Investing often feels the same.

Fidelity Investments offers so many different investments. They also offer many helpful tools. As a result, it is sometimes  difficult to know where to start. Like any good tool, if you cannot find it, it is good to seek input from others. Recently someone shared a nice ETF tool with the Fidelity Investor Community. This tool lets you drill into ETFs to find the cream of the crop.

As many of my frequent followers know, I often recommend ITOT, VYM, DVY and SCHD as potential good ETFs that provide growing dividend income. For the last three years, all three appear in the domestic equity heat map with returns above 10%. There is another reason to like these. They are big funds, which means they trade heavily, which gives investors opportunities to quickly add shares during any trading day.

Notice that if you had invested your money in the dowdy (not glamorous) ITOT (iShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market ETF), you would have wonderful return on your investment. Simplicity and low costs win!

Link to FIDELITY ETF Heat Map: